ABOUT Wellons Energy Solutions

Wellons Energy Solutions is an alternative energy project developer that specializes in biomass steam and co-generation projects for industrial manufacturers that have historically relied upon green house gas emitting fossil fuels.

Headquartered in New Bern, NC, Wellons Energy Solutions was founded in 2006 to design, build, own and operate inside-the-fence biomass cogeneration projects at large manufacturing facilities.

Focused on providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for industrial customers in North America, Wellons Energy Solutions is able to provide turn-key project installations ranging from 5,000 to 300,000 pph super-heated thermal and co-generation facilities.

Wellons Energy Solutions is capable of handling the most challenging projects on a turn-key basis. Elements of a project that Wellons Energy Solutions can provide include:

    Preliminary feasibility and design studies.

    Project Design, Financing, and Management.

    Equipment Design and Selection.

    Building Design.

    Construction, Installation, and Operations.

    Fuel Suitability and BTU Analysis.

    Fuel Procurement.

    Start-up, Training and Maintenance.

    Assistance with environmental and safety compliance inspections.

Wellons Energy Solutions
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