ABOUT Cogeneration

Cogeneration is a renewable energy technology that focuses on the conversion of biomass material into thermal energy.


It's more important then ever to generate electrical power as inexpensively and efficiently as possible. One proven way to accomplish this is with a Wellons cogeneration system. Generating electricity and simultaneously satisfying plant process steam requirements is not a new idea, however the viability of such systems is more apparent than ever. Cogeneration from wood waste just makes good sense in today's energy conscious world.

Wellons Furnace Cell Installation


Wellons, Inc. systems are known for their ability to burn virtually any combination of hogged wood, bark, sawdust, planer shavings, sanderdust and other wood fuels, with a broad range of moisture contents, without the need for supplemental fuel for either start-up or operation. Our reputation for high combustion efficiency, low emission rates, system reliability and service is based on more than 30 years of experience in the combustion of biomass fuels.

Double Biomass Package Boilers

Biomass Cogeneration Example


North Carolina-based chemical company, utilizing 45,000 pounds per hour of high pressure saturated steam, had experienced rapidly increasing utility costs for natural gas. In addition, corporate management had established a corporate wide goal of 20% reduction in green house gas emissions and 20% renewable energy target.


Two (2) 600 HP reciprocating grate biomass boilers capable of 41,000 pph of saturated steam. Yearly savings projected to exceed $2,600,000 per year. In addition, the biomass proposal provided a projected 21% reduction in green house gas emissions while implementing a proven renewable energy technology. Wellons Energy Solutions secured project financing which provided for financing with a 60-month Fair Market Value lease.

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Package Boiler Systems

The package boiler combines firetube and watertube designs in a factory assembled unit. This philosophy is also applied to the boiler support equipment where components are combined in shop-assembled modules. The package design provides for a minimum of field assembly for processes with relatively small steam requirements.

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Panel Boiler Systems

Our Panel Boiler is engineered for factory pre-assembly of major components to reduce installation time. The design is specifically tailored for compatibility with the Wellons Cell Furnace, assuring optimum system performance.

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Field Erected Boiler Systems

Our field-erected boilers, designed to be fired by a multiple Wellons cell furnace system, provides greater steam flow, higher pressure, and the higher temperatures needed for power plants and other operations requiring large steam capacities.

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